The Tech War

From the pen of Drear

Thousands of years ago, Earth was much more technologically advanced than it is now. There were machines for everything—transportation, medicine, food production, and entertainment. The people of that time were even using machines to launch out into space and explore.

But then there was a war. All of the most powerful nations were caught up in it, and it was cataclysmic. The end of the war was punctuated by multiple catastrophic explosions, resulting in an unthinkable number of casualties. The fallout from the explosions took even more lives, and in the end, only one-third of the world’s population remained.

Those who survived were so distraught by the global devastation and loss of life, and the damage to their own spirits, that they took drastic measures to see that it would never happen again. The few nations still intact banded together to create a global ordinance that banished what they felt was the reason for the current situation: technology. Much of it had been destroyed by the war already, so the remaining population agreed that they would not attempt to return the world to its previous state.

There was some resistance, but the punishment for disobeying the ordinance was severe. More than one town was razed and its inhabitants relocated for attempting to restore their technology. After that, everyone either fell in line or hid their disobedience well.


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