Introducing Missy

From the pen of Drear

I have known Missy Seeger for many years–long enough to know her full name that she hates so much. Though we were already close friends when I started doing my research, it was a very different experience digging into her life more thoroughly.

When Missy was young, she was very unsure of herself. While many others her age started on the path to what they wanted their future to hold, Missy had a difficult time deciding. More than once she was sure she had found her path, only to realize that her passion lay elsewhere.

In those days, Pithea had a lot to offer a curious young person with an adventurous spirit. Truth be told, Missy isn’t terribly curious or adventurous. She is, however, one of the most amiable people I know. Even when we first met, she treated me like family. She never thought twice about including me in her life as if we’d known each other for years.

She values her family and friends highly and does not like it when they are threatened. While she can be level-headed in an emergency, if the well-being of someone she cares about is jeopardized, she’s prone to losing her composure.

Missy never wanted to be important or well-known, and definitely didn’t want to be a leader. However, each of these things was thrust upon her over time. She didn’t go along without a fight, but she was always reminded that with help and support from her friends, she could do anything.

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