Introducing Naolin

From the pen of Drear

Naolin Dark is pretty much my favorite person ever. Maybe that’s not the most objective thing for me to say, since he’s just one of many people who I’ve researched and whose lives I’ve connected. But I do have a reason to be biased—he’s my brother.

Though Naolin and I lost seven years when we were growing up, when we reconnected, you’d never guess we’d been apart. The most fun I’ve ever had has been when I’m spending time with my brother. When we were younger, training in the domes was definitely better when he was with me. I never enjoyed caving as much as he did, but I’d go with him anytime he asked.

He’s smart, generous, fun to hang out with, and he cares a lot more than he lets on. On the other side, though, he is also one of the rudest people I know. Some of it may be a front, but plenty of it is sincere. Perhaps he does have sufficient cause to mistrust most people he meets. However, he takes it a step further and completely dislikes most people he meets.

Power Users, in particular, tend to garner his contempt. Naolin trained as a Swordsman for his local militia, as did I. He wasn’t the only person trained in physical combat—whether Swordsman, Bowman, or Shadow—who disdained those who had little ability with a weapon, and preferred to fight with the intangible Power.

I don’t meant to make excuses for his behavior. If I’m being honest, I’ve found that the more time I spend with him, the more I tend to act like him too. Maybe it’s contagious. Or genetic. I love my brother, no matter his issues. We’ll always be close, through whatever life throws at us or how long we may not see each other.

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