Book One: Pithea

“Pithea” is set approximately 2000 years in the future. After a catastrophic war and subsequent ban on all technology, the world has settled into a lifestyle that is part medieval times, part pioneer times, but with a more modern mindset.

A few hundred years after the war, a sort of magic—called “the Power”—manifests in every living person.  By the time in which “Pithea” is set, the Power has become part of everyday life.

Missy Seeger is a eighteen-year-old girl who is struggling to decide on a career for her life, as she is already past the age that she should have chosen one. She reluctantly decides to become a bladesmith like her father. Throughout the story, other paths appeal to her, and she tries them out. However, she can’t let go of the need to please her father.

Naolin Dark is a solitary young man who knows exactly what he wants to do with his life. He finds the adventure and excitement of life in his local militia, with a sword strapped to his side, to be the only worthy path. His abilities, his ideals, and even his body are put to the test in many ways as he and Missy are forced to deal with villains and monsters that are made possible—and all the more dangerous—by the Power.

“Pithea” is a novel in four parts, narrated by Naolin’s brother Drear Dark.

Current status: Working on submissions for publication

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