Introducing Drear

My name is Drear Dark. I’m a native Pithean, though my family is originally from a different country. At the time that I’m writing this, I’ve actually been away from Pithea for a while. I’ve been traveling abroad for over ten years, seeing the world outside of our small island nation. However, the further I went from Pithea,  the more interested I became in its people and stories. I was able to more clearly see how seemingly random events and situations that took place there were all connected in some way–if not by the people involved, by the cause, or even by the consequences.

I have taken great care to compile as much information as I can from a wide range of sources–from letters to journals, and sometimes direct conversation with people who were involved in these events. Friends, enemies, strangers, and family–so many people had a part in shaping not only the country, but the whole world to the way it is today. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There really is so much to tell…

The Tech War
The Power

History of Pithea: The Separation
History of Pithea: Confluxes
The Madness
War Games

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